Commercial Window Cleaning
Southern Maintenance High Rise Services, Inc. is a leader in our industry. We provide window cleaning on High Rise
Buildings, Office Buildings, Storefronts, Showrooms, Hospitals, Condominiums, Hotels, and Residential Properties in
South Florida.
Our Employees are uniformed and trained in accordance with industry standards. We use the latest in high-reach and
access equipment which is inspected regularly to ensure it meets or exceeds all safety standards set forth by OSHA.
Our Window Cleaners are skilled to wash windows from ground level with ladders and water-fed pole systems,
to High Rise buildings with a rope, stages, or lifts.

Residential Window Cleaning
Southern Maintenance High Rise Services, Inc. Employs Window Cleaners specializing in residential cleaning insuring our
customers clean, efficient and individualized care.

Window and Glass De-staining
Southern Maintenance can chemically remove most stains from glass, caused by either mineral deposits, leaching of
chemicals from paint, caulking or masonry, or caused by other types of erosive substances in the environment. Most glass
can be repaired leaving the glass looking much better in appearance, to clear and new. Many Window Cleaning Companies
refer to this as "Glass Restoration."

Pressure Cleaning
Southern Maintenance can pressure clean sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, awnings, parking garages, window
tracks, metal louvered panels, roofs and all elevations of any size and type of building to remove mold, mildew, dirt and
debris. Although pressure cleaning will not always remove stains on stucco, pre-cast, cement or painted surfaces
completely, it will greatly improve the appearance and make structures or ground surfaces look clean and fresh.

New Construction Clean Up
Southern Maintenance has many years of experience performing new construction clean ups. We have experience in
removing Blue Max from windows along with removing stucco, caulking and other construction debris from windows
and frames without harming them.

Caulking, Waterproofing and Exterior Building Repairs
Southern Maintenance can perform many types of caulking and repairs by utilizing Experienced High Rise Technicians and
their High Rise access equipment (Bosun Chair and Rope.) thereby reducing costs to our customers. If we need to utilize
other equipment such as boom lifts, swing stages or scaffolding, we utilize our Expert Waterproofing Team to insure our
customers receive extraordinary service.

Our Waterproofing Team is highly experienced and can perform almost any type of caulking repairs on commercial and
residential windows, window frames, mullions and curtain wall systems. We also can perform most types of sealing and
repairs to concrete, pre-cast and other surfaces, as well as installation of waterproofing membranes for use in commercial
garages, subroofs, concrete landings, decks and patios.

In addition to the above, we also do painting, exterior masonry repairs, as well as repairs on both stucco surfaces
and EFIS surfaces.

Specialized in installing of
Bird Deterrent Systems. Southern Maintenance High Rise Services, Inc. is an
authorized re-seller and installer for "Bird Barrier America, Inc." Bird Deterrent Systems. Systems the we can install
Bird-Off Gel, Bird-Shock, Bird-Spikes and Birdwire, to name a few.

Specialized in High Rise
dryer and bathroom vent wall cap repair and replacement. We have been replacing exterior
vent covers for many of our customers with a new and improved cape backdraft damper and wall cover. The new wall
covers eliminate wind rattle as well as wind driven rain and water intrusion. They also control moisture buildup and
condensation, especially when installed with cape backdraft dampers.

We also provide for some of our customers the very important task of
hurricane preparation by installing their storm
shutters, and their removal once the threat of a storm has passed.

Additionally, in an emergency we can board up broken windows on high floors and can replace many types of glass. We
have hung banners and repaired broken signs for our clients by special request. And, we often change light bulbs in
inaccessible locations for our customers.
Southern Maintenance High Rise Services, Inc.
Competitive rates...
We are confident that we can price our work to fit your budgetary needs.

Reliability and Dependability...
Our goal is to make long lasting relationships with our customers. We have been serving
South Florida for over 25 years. We have so many satisfied customers. References are
available upon request.

Experienced and Professional Workers...
A qualified supervisor is put on every project and maintains contact with our office.  Our
workers are courteous and efficient, so much so, you will ask for the same crew again and again.

Licensed and Insured...
We meet or exceed insurance requirements for most companies. Certificates of Insurance
are available upon request.
"Our goal is to make long lasting relationships with our customers."
Serving Commercial and Residential Properties in South Florida for Over 30 Years.

Licensed and Insured
We offer our customers:
We promise you the same.
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